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Jeffrey L. Brown, DDS, MBA

Business Development - Woodward Consulting

Welcome to Woodward Consulting.

Our approach to helping you to manage your business is the same approach we used to build one of the biggest, most successful dental practices ever seen on the East coast. By analyzing where you are now, our company can develop a  plan to help bring your business into the realm of high productivity, high profits, low stress, and long term goal achievement. Every business goes through several stages as it grows and by implementing the right strategies at the right time, we can coach you through the changes and prepare you for the future.

Very few business owners have had any business training, and few have had any business education while in business. You will have the opportunity to work with Dr. Jeffrey Brown who, in addition to having a DDS from Georgetown, also has an MBA along with being a former real estate agent. The many years of training that it took to get this education will all be yours in a condensed version, ready to implement into your business. Whether you are looking to open a medical, dental, or veterinarian practice, or your business is leaning toward the a restaurant, a dry cleaner, or even a retail store, we can help you get started and set up the systems you will need to run the business efficiently and profitably.

At Woodward Consulting, our initial approach will be to analyze your current situation at no charge. We will meet with you and discuss your business needs, whether you are starting a brand new business or relocating. In general, it is better to start with us on the early side of things, before you sign any agreements, as we usually find changes that need to made in lease agreements, legal contracts, and office/business design. Fom there, if we are able to help you, our contract is simple with affordable monthly fees and no long term commitments. Our goal at Woodward is to get your business to where you want it to be in a smooth and logical progression. Your job is to want a coach who has been there, done that, and wants to share that knowledge with you.
Since we are loctated in Northern Virginia, we can personally visit most businesses in Maryland, D.C, and of course, Virginia.

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